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Keynote Seminar | F.-Xavier Alario

  • INS Temporary Seminar Room, La Timone - 5th floor Aix-Marseille Université - Faculté de Medecine Marseille France (map)

F.-Xavier Alario | ''Neuro-physiological evaluation of psycho-linguistic hypothesis: A personal account''

Laboratoire de Psychologie Cognitive
Marseille, France

Abstract: Psycholinguistic models describe the cognitive processes that allow speakers to produce and comprehend language. These language processes are undoubtedly generated by neuro-physiological activities. Yet, despite the available evidence, much work remains to be done to understand the functions that link cognition and neuro-physiology, particularly in what concerns the ability to produce language. In recent years, we have used intra-cerebral neuro-physiological data to test cognitive hypothesis about language production. In the talk, I will discuss a few difficulties we have faced and how we have addressed them in our investigation of word selection processes.


1.Dubarry, A.-S., Llorens, A., Trébuchon, A., Carron, R., Liégeois-Chauvel, C., Bénar, C.*, & Alario, F.-X.* Estimating Parallel Processing in a Language Task Using Single-Trial Intracerebral Electroencephalography. Psychol. Sci. 28, 414–426 (2017).

2.Llorens, A. Dubarry, A.-S., Trébuchon, A., Chauvel, P., Alario, F.-X., & Liégeois-Chauvel, C. Contextual modulation of hippocampal activity during picture naming. Brain Lang. 159, (2016).

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