Here at INS, we advocate for an experience that values continued learning. We offer many opportunities for members to engage with various educational offerings which help to equip everyone with the skills, knowledge and know-how to bolster an unparalleled academic experience.



INS is a member of NeuroSchool at Aix-Marseille Université. More specifically, INS hosts AMU Master’s and PhD neuroscience students within the labs of the various research groups, determined by a students specific area of interest. By embedding AMU neuroscience students within a rich research setting during their formative educational experience, said students receive exemplary exposure to the fundamentals of scientific research directly from experts in their respective fields.




We organize two types of seminars:

  • INS Keynote Seminars, giving “carte blanche” to prestigious speakers, invited to present a broad survey of their research achievements, in a format accessible to a non specialist audience of general systems and cognitive neuroscientists

  • INS Topical Seminars, which are more informal presentations aiming at introducing recent advancements in specific fields or illustrating technical approaches in more detail, always, of course, after a general introduction to the context and a fast survey of the state of the art.

For more informations, presentation material or proposing speakers to invite, please contact the INS seminars organizers: