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INS Seminars | Axel Hutt

  • INS Seminar Room, Campus Timone, Red Wing, 5th floor Aix-Marseille Université Marseille France (map)

Axel Hutt, Directeur de Recherche, Deutscher Wetterdienst - German Meteorological Service, Research and Development, Department FE 12 (Data Assimilation)| ''Intrinsic and external neuromodulation''

Thursday 6 June. 2019 – 14:00, INS Seminar Room, Campus Timone, Red Wing, 5th Floor.

Abstract :

For some decades, the modulation of brain activity has been shown to improve medical conditions of patients. Examples are Deep  Brain Stimulation to improve the physiological and mental conditions of Parkinson patients and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation improving the cognitive and motor performance of healthy subjects. The first part of the talk will show that general anaesthesia may be viewed as a case of intrinsic neuromodulation as well. The final part presents theoretical studies of neural networks under  general high frequency and noisy external stimulation illustrating how both stimulation types affect brain rhythms. 

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