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INS Seminars | Egidio Ugo D'Angelo

  • INS Seminar Room, Campus Timone, Red Wing, 5th floor Aix-Marseille Université Marseille France (map)

Egidio Ugo D'Angelo, Pavia University ''Multiscale investigation and modeling of the cerebellar circuit''

Tuesday 25 June. 2019 – 10:30, INS Seminar Room, Campus Timone, Red Wing, 5th Floor.

Abstract :The cerebellum is one of the most fascinating neural circuits of the brain. The cerebellum has been classically associated to the control of movement and its pathological counterpart, ataxia, but it has recently been related to  cognitive processing and supposed to be involved in autism, dyslexia and Alzheimer disease just to mention some. This talk will show a multiscale reconstruction of cerebellar functions making use of advanced data-driven modeling and robotic techniques and will open a perspective on how this multiscale approach could be applied to the analysis of integrated brain signals, like those deriving from structural and functional MRI, and used to assist the interpretation of brain function and pathology.

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