PhD Fellowship


PhD fellowship at Aix-Marseille University (AMU, southern France) under the mentoring of Dr. Demian Battaglia (Institute for Systems Neuroscience - INS).

This three-years fellowship is funded by the ANR grant (Agence National de la Recherche) “ERMUNDY (Exact Reduction of Multiscale Neural Dynamics)”.

In the context of this project we will develop computational multi-scale models of cortical oscillatory dynamics (multiple frequencies, cross-frequency coupling…) and of its control via stimulation. The used models (from the regional to the whole-brain level) will be constrained by realistic information on the phase response properties of actual neural populations, which will be inferred from both extra-cranial (TMS) and intra-cranial (sEEG) stimulation data, acquired in house at AMU.

Interactions with other researchers will take place as well, including experimentalists located in AMU, and theorists at Cergy-Pontoise University (Alessandro Torcini) and Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris (Boris Gutkin).

The PhD fellow will participate to both experimental data analysis (extraction of Phase Response Curves, functional connectivity analyses…) and model design and simulation.

The successful candidate will integrate the Theoretical Neuroscience Group at the Institute for Systems Neuroscience (INS), located on the same campus of the Timone University hospital (AP-HM). The integrative and clinical neuroscience community in Marseille is among the most lively in Europe and Marseille is a vibrating city, with wonderful natural surroundings and home to the largest French-speaking university in the world, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary studies.

Salary (~1.4k euros net, after all taxes and full social security coverage) is defined according to French national guidelines and cannot be negotiated.

Interested candidates should send a CV, a brief description of qualifications and research interests and the name of 1-2 reference contacts to:

Demian Battaglia |  

Feel free to inquire for further information.
Applications from under-represented categories in STEM sciences are welcome and supported.

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